Dây thông tiểu 2 nhánh số 12


1. Thông tin sản phẩm:

- Dây Foley 2 nhánh số 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28.

- Công dụng: đặt vào cơ thể để tạo đường cho dịch đi qua hay cho dụng cụ đi qua.

-Dùng thông niệu đạo trông một thời gian dài,có bóng ở đầu xa thể tích bóng bơm 30ml và có thể chịu đựng tốt hơn 50ml.Khi bơm bóng ống thông được giử lại do bóng được chèn ở cổ bàn quan

-Thông 2 nhánh có 1 ống nhỏ để bơm còn ống lớn để dẫn lưu nước tiểu

- Chất liệu cao su latex hoặc silicon

-Đã tiệt trùng bằng khí Etylen Oxyt

2. Quy cách: 10 dây/ hộp.

3. Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc.

Jul**** I’ve never had a problem.
Mirian******** Very accurate. Used it on teen and got results fast and easy to read.
fran******* Seems very accurate. Subject popped hot for coke 80 hours after consuming, 96 hours test showed clean, 116 hours later they took the test that counts and it showed clean & assuming test showed clean using spectroanalysis because there wasn't any blow back.
Apri******* I am more than happy with this purchase! From the Vendor making sure that I am completely satisfied with the product, right down to ease of use and fool proof accuracy. I highly recommend!
Amazon******** Very easy to use, I got them to test myself for my peace of mind.
C** Excellent, simple, accurate way to discreetly verify if your medications are still in your system or to check and make sure your kids are not on the path to destruction.
mudh******* They work!
Blake ******** Excellent. So accurate that my son Hates when I pull one out. Very accurate
* Easy to use
Gary B******** Very Prompt Service and fast shipping! This is a very easy and reliable way to find out for sure if you or your kids have been doing any of these. I tested it for a few things MOP,OXY,BZO's All test results came out as they should have! I will not go anywhere else to buy a testing kit!! Worth every penny!!!!!! Other stick test are iffy, Not this test!! 5 Starts!!!!!!!! Customer service is #1!!!! Price went up a bit and they are giving me 1 purchase at old price, VERY THANKFUL!! Great People!!

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