Kim luồn tĩnh mạch Ấn PrimaFlon Size 18


1. Thông tin sản phẩm:

+ Xuất xứ: Ấn Độ.

+ Kích thước:

- 18G (màu xanh lá, dài 45 mm, lưu lượng 95 ml/phút).

- 20G (màu hồng, dài 32 mm, lưu lượng 62 ml/phút).

- 22G (màu xanh biển, dài 25 mm, lưu lượng 33 ml/phút).

- 24G (màu vàng, dài 19 mm, lưu lượng 20 ml/phút).

+ Quy cách: 100 cây/hộp.

steve******** Doubled my bench PR with these straps. Work so well I wear them on leg day. Sometimes wear them when writing to alleviate writer's cramp. 10/10 would buy if you're sick of lifting tiny weights
Brand******* Been using it 5 days a week for 6 weeks not and it's holding up well. Honestly couldn't ask for a better wrist wrap. It's just the right length for a 5'5" guy like me. Long enough to support, short enough to not be so annoying. And the materials are top-notch. The whole thing just screams quality.
Man***** The best wraps that I’ve ever had and believe I train a lot. Really wrist wrap!!!!!
D** These give great support for my wrists and easy to use. I have broken both of my wrists over the years in various sports. They used to ache from lifting. So far, these have kept them from hurting after working out.
Fl** This is a very sturdy wraps which appears to be good quality so far. The only issue I think the company needs to address is their brand name appliqué. After using the wraps several times, the stitching is already coming out of it. The name label also doesn't stretch as much as the band does (which is probably why it's pulling out)
Eobar******* Amazing items and great support at the gym with weights.
G. ***** Great product! Exactly the support I needed for my wrists during heavy lifts!
M* Great support and durable
Amazon******** These are just what I needed for the gym. They wrap tight and keep my small wrists secure during heavy lifting. I've been using mine for about a year and they remain in great shape!
Eyas***** Very nice support

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